City of Giddings Amends Zoning Map

15 Jul 2015

Giddings, TX (July 14, 2015)  -  Upon the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Committe of the City of Giddings and by a unanimous vote of those present, on July 13, members of City Council voted to amend the official zoning map of the City of Giddings to rezone the real property located at 3799 East Austin Street, known as the Giddings 290 Business Park, from Agricultural/ Residential to General Commerical/ Light Manufacturing.    This action was taken in accordnace with Chapter 211, Sub-Chapter A, Texas Local Government Code, and the City of Giddings Code of Ordinances concerning public notices, hearings, considerations, findings and other procedural matters.   

City Council considered and made the following findings regarding the amendment:

  1. It is consistent with the general plan; 
  2. It is compatible with the present zoning and conforming uses of nearby property and with the character of the neighborhood; 
  3. The affected property is suitable for uses that are and would be permitted by General Commercial/ Light Manufacturing; and
  4. Water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities are suitable and adequate and are available for the permitted uses in General Commercial/ Light Manufacturing.

"This is great news," stated Tonya Britton, Executive Director, Giddings Economic Development Corporation.  "We appreciate the consideration provide by both the planning and zoning committee and City Council.  This will take us one step closer to the citizens' vision of having viable land that is build-ready for commercial development, which we believe will lead to new jobs and increased opportunity for our residents here in Giddings."

To review the Ordinance No. 723 in its entiret