Tesla’s 2nd U.S. Plant is Located Near Giddings, Texas

Tesla is building a new assembly plant near Austin and under an hour from Giddings, Texas. The plant will create at least 5,000 jobs and spur economic growth. Businesses who wish to work with Tesla should consider locating in Giddings for access to the plant and Giddings low real estate cost. 

Tesla in Texas

The company is investing $1.1 billion in the Texas assembly plant. 

5,000+ workers will be employed there.

The factory will be building the Tesla Cybertruck pickup and a semi-tractor truck.

The Model Y SUV will also be build there 

Of the project, Governor Greg Abbott said, “Tesla is one of the most exciting and innovative companies in the world, and we are proud to welcome its team to the State of Texas. Texas has the best workforce in the nation, and we’ve built an economic environment that allows companies like Tesla to innovate and succeed.”

Benefits of Locating in Giddings

Tesla vendors and spin off businesses should locate in Giddings, Texas for the following reasons -

  • The Tesla site will be around 40 minutes from Giddings.
  • Real estate prices are lower in Giddings and become more expensive the closer you get to Austin.
  • Our workforce is strong but far enough away from the plant to not compete directly with Tesla for jobs.
  • Giddings is midway between Austin and Houston, offering access to these markets and companies as well. 
  • We have the only Tesla charging station between Austin and Houston.
  • The GEDC offers incentives for businesses located within the city limits.