Get more for your money in Giddings, Texas

The Giddings Economic Development Corporation, in partnership with Bowen National Research, has completed the Housing Feasibilty Study for the City of Giddings and the surrounding Secondary Service Area.

View Our Housing Feasibility Study Here

View the Updated, 2022: 1, 5, and 30 Mile Radius Report Here

Families, retirees and young professionals can afford to buy a home in Giddings, Texas. We offer access to the American Dream because housing is still affordable, especially when compared with nearby Austin. Those living in Giddings can purchase a home for more than $200,000 less than it costs in Austin because our home prices are an average of $137,600 while the median home price in nearby Austin is $369,000

Buying in Giddings also provides families access to fantastic parks, a great school system, more than 45 restaurants, healthcare facilities and retail. Access to entertainment venues such as the International Festival Hill Instute, a world-class performaing arts center,  the Round Top Antiques Weekend, Cottonbowl SpeedwayLake Somerville State Park and Trailway, and Bluebell Creamery are within a half hour's drive. 

With Austin is only 55 minutes away, everything you need is in Giddings and everything you want is adjacent to us, but our housing cost is still affordable. That’s the benefit of living in a growing rural community.

Housing & Income



Total Housing Units


Owner Occupied


Renter Occupied




Median Home Value


Average Home Value


Growth Rate

Household Income


Per Capita Income


Income Projection

Median Household

$50,975 $53,814

Average Household

$62,690 $68,445

Per Capita

$22,693 $24,924