Planning Documents

30 Mile Radius Report (2022)
Business Locator (30 mile radius)
Business Summary
Cares Act Pandemic Infrastructure Grant_2021
Demographic and Income Comparison (30 mile radius)
Demographic Executive Summary (30 mile radius)
Demographic Graphic Profile (30 mile radius)
Dominant Tapestry Site Map (30 mile radius)
Environmental Map
Giddings Economic Development Strategic Plan 2020
Giddings Pandemic Recovery Plan_University of Texas IC2Institute
Healthcare Needs Analysis_Strategic Planning Document
Household Budget Expenditure (30 mile radius)
Housing Profile (30 mile radius)
Labor Market Data (Texas One)
Market Profile (30 mile radius)
Regional Industry Map_Mental Health Facilities
REGIONAL WORKFORCE STRATEGY Workforce Solutions Rural Capital Area
Restaurant Market Potential (30 mile radius)
Retail Market Potential (30 mile radius)
Traffic Count Map (30 mile radius)
Traffic Count Map (close up)
Transportation Maps: Road and Rail