Giddings: An rural community offering the best of both worlds

Located in between Austin and Houston is Giddings, Texas - a pro-growth, family-friendly community filled with opportunities for everyone. As an rural community, Giddings has over 45 restaurants that include locally owned and popular chains like Starbucks, while still maintaining its own unique character and charm. Giddings is truly a hidden treasure, bursting with economic and community resources. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, move your family to a smaller community while close enough to make a quick trip to the larger cities, or simply get away for a weekend, Giddings provides it all!

Not only is Giddings in a prime location between Austin and Houston, but it offers an eclectic variety of indoor and outdoor activities for families. Take an afternoon stroll around downtown Giddings, learning about the history and its own hometown baseball celebrity, pitcher Hilton Lee Smith, who played for the Kansas City Monarchs. Or while away a beautiful day at one of the many parks Giddings. Whether you’re hoping to play soccer, meet up with friends at the playground, or camp with your family, Giddings provides a wide selection for everyone. When you’re done head on over to the City Meat Market, rated one of the best BBQ restaurants by Texas Monthly or try any of our incredible restaurants - there are over 45 to choose from!

Our residents are thriving and enjoy access to the above amenities including a strong educational system and four hospitals within 30 minutes, along with an urgent care and clinics for preventative care.


Giddings Independent School District is an exemplary provider of educational services that strives to meet the needs of each student. The district possesses a strong staff that values their roles, and is constantly seeking to learn and improve. Each school is inviting and supportive, while continuously promoting nurturing relationships and strong communication with students and families. Using multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to diversity, the district aims to provide assessment and evaluation programs that promote quality learning with high expectations.

Parks and Recreation

Plan soccer or relax by the duck pond at Simmang Park, play a round of golf at Giddings Country Club, or explore our many walking trails. Giddings boasts a wide variety of parks, complete with campgrounds, walking paths, playgrounds, and soccer fields. Each park offers luscious rolling fields, park benches for conversations between friends, playgrounds for children to explore, and eating areas to gather and celebrate time together.


Giddings offers residents the pleasure of enjoying family owned restaurants, getting a thrill from the annual rodeo, bowling with the family and the fun of daily life in a community where people are welcoming and friendly. But that’s not the entire story. Giddings is the gateway to incredible local entertainment options including live music venues, athletics and cultural activities in Austin - just 55 minutes away. Plus, the lake with swimming, boating and fishing is only 30 minutes away. For those who want to listen to a symphony, the world class Festival Hill is only 15 minutes from Giddings. Truly, it’s the best of all worlds here - access to every type of entertainment you could wish for from a homebase that is safe and comfortable for your family.

Low Housing Cost

Located between two of the fastest growing cities in the nation, Austin and Houston, Giddings is quickly becoming the quintessential location to reside. As a friendly, charming community, filled with history and character, property is readily available for development at a fraction of what it costs elsewhere. For example, the median home price in Giddings is $137,600 while the median home price in nearby Austin is $369,000 - that’s a savings of over $200,000! Families who want to live in the same region and have access to the same amenities, but without the price tag, are choosing to buy a home in Giddings, Texas. 

Proximity to Austin and Houston 

Giddings is between two of the largest cities in Texas, and community members can enjoy the benefits of its location. Located just 55 miles from the state’s capital, Austin, and 90 miles from Houston, Giddings provides excellent transportation access from Hwy 290 and Hwy 77. Giddings is an ideal location for growing, vibrant businesses, able to serve both the growing Houston and Austin markets.