Giddings, TX: The Right Choice for Right Now

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Giddings is at the center of the fastest growing state in the United States - Texas. Specifically, Gidding is just 55 miles from Austin and 90 miles to Houston. With over 7 million residents, Houston’s growth is creating significant opportunities for companies wishing to expand from Austin (population 2.2 million) and vice versa. The question becomes where to locate. The answer is  Giddings, Texas. Giddings provides access to both markets, low property costs and a pro-business government that makes it easy to locate here. Plus, the city is an Opportunity Zone, creating additional opportunities to financially benefit from locating here. 

Site selectors and executives who are looking for a home within the region should use our real estate search tools, demographic data and community profile to get a better look at what Giddings has to offer. Then contact the GEDC for site selection assistance, help finding incentives or detailed information that your business needs to make a final determination. We are confident that Giddings, Texas is the right place to locate and will provide you with the support necessary to make your project a reality. 

For businesses currently located in Giddings - we are here to support your growth. Our local businesses can benefit from this regional growth and the GEDC is in a position to help you expand your business. Contact us to find out how.