Giddings Has Strong Utilities and Water Access

Giddings in Lee County is one of the few areas in Central Texas that has a stable and strong water supply from the Edwards Aquifer that can support agricultural and industrial expansion. 

Utilities are affordable in Giddings. Water, wastewater and solid waste services are offered by the city with rates set by City Ordinance. Information on setting up utilities can be found here.

To view utility rates in Giddings and outside of the city limits click here.

Natural Gas Service in the City is provided by Center Point Reliant Energy. This is a seperate bill and is not included on your city utility bill. If you have questions on connections or deposits, please call Center Point Reliant Energy at 1-800-427-7142.

Phone service is provided by Verizon. The phone number to schedule installation for residential service is 1-800-483-4000. To check for service and availability, visit

Cable TV service is provided by New Wave Communication. The phone number to call for subscription service is 1-800-272-0038

Internet access is offered by several companies. A list can be found here, here and here.