GEDC Can Assist Small Business Owners with Financial Wellness

GEDC Can Assist Small Business Owners with Financial Wellness Main Photo

28 Jan 2022


January is National Financial Wellness Month, an excellent time for small business owners to address their financial needs and goals.
Some questions to consider when assessing your business include:

  • How do you control and record day-to-day finances?
  • Have you set and followed retirement goals?
  • Do you have enough cushion to handle most financial emergencies?
  • What is your plan for responsible debt management?

Your first step is to explore the advantages and assistance available to you in your area. In Giddings, Texas, Giddings Economic Development Corporation (GEDC) is prepared to help with our expertise. We are skilled at connecting business owners and entrepreneurs with available resources and can assist with business plan creation, regulatory navigation, marketing and promotion, and business development. You’ll be leveraged for greater succes when you contact us today for personalized assistance.

Financial wellness boils down to the ability to confidently manage your financial resources to meet your business needs and goals. For control over day-to-day finances, technological applications have made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage them on their own. Software programs and apps are available for:

  • Comprehensive accounting.
  • Keeping track of business expenses.
  • Customizing invoices.
  • Accepting payments.
  • Managing vendor payments.
  • Manage payroll, tax, and benefits.
  • Inventory management. 

While new tech is changing the business landscape by making it possible for business owners to do more on their own in less time, technology cannot replace the benefits of sitting down with an expert knowledgeable in your region. Contact GEDC today to get started. Follow us on Facebook for updates on local happenings.