GEDC Provides $30,000 to Healthcare Providers for Expansion of Services

28 Apr 2020

The Giddings Economic Development Corporation, responding to a directive from the Giddings City Council, has provided approximately $30,000 in business expansion grants to local healthcare providers to assist businesses with the extension of services necessary to meet the community's immediate and rapidly growing need for healthcare infrastructure capable of testing and treating infected patients, and containing the spread of the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus.

The funds were provided by application to physician and dentist offices, healthcare clinics, massage and physical therapists, blood/drug and alcohol testing facilities, long-term care and assisted living facilities, clinics, and other healthcare-related businesses pressed to expand hours of service, or that were in need of new equipment, supplies or staff training on related protocols, and those in need of facility modifications or renovations. The funds are designed to accommodate expanded business activities and to retain existing clinics in jeapardy of closing due to expenses brought on by unprecedented operating requirements, reduced revenue due to forced restrictions in providing "elective" procedures, and an inability to procure  protective equipment.  A performance agreement submitted by each business requiered that funds be used for expenditures relating to the expansion of services necessary to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

Lee County is one of the few counties in Texas that has maintained an active case count of under 5 persons, but could face more cases as the city begins to open up, per Texas Governor Greg Abbot's new directive.

"No doubt that we have been lucky; however, Mayor John Dowell and our locally elected officials have also been smart in their response ot this pandemic.  Stories abound about communities whose healthcare providers have faced an over-whelming case-load.  Were we to experience a super-spreading event, the GEDC's efforts would be only a small drop of what would be needed; however, as a preventative measure, our being able to provide our healthcare providers with the resources they needed early may have helped us avoid such an event. Healthcare providers are essential businesses and they are essential to ensuring our community's economic stability.  Our goal wasn't to take them across the finish line, but rather to provide the funds they needed immediately and to buy time until support from the state and federal aid packages arrive." stated Tonya Britton, GEDC Executive Director