Giddings 1Gig City: ZochNet Builds Internet Gold Standard

26 Nov 2018

Giddings, Texas (November 19, 2018) – Unified Communications, Inc. dba ZochNet is a “multi-platform” internet service provider; using fixed wireless, cable and fiber-optic technology to reach rural Texans, today announced that they have started the year-long project to upgrade Giddings to a 1Gig city, by building out Fiber Optic internet throughout the city, in order to deliver internet at the speed of light, which is what FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) and FTTB (Fiber-to-the-Business) internet is all about.  

“Providing the gold standard of internet throughout ZochNet’s home-town community has been a long-standing dream of ZochNet’s founder and CEO; Robert Zoch III.”  Explained Roger Turner, Chief Financial Officer.  

The company began stringing their main fiber trunk line on September 1st starting from their future headquarters location at the 424 S. Main & Industry intersection heading east bound on Industry toward the Elementary school; as well as, south bound on Polk Street.   Robert Zoch, CEO said.  “Our first priority was to upgrade our current Fixed Wireless internet and phone services to the County Court House and their various county offices on Industry Street to fiber.   We also connected our first FTTB customers; Bluebonnet Trails and PumpCo, the capacity of our fiber optic technology is virtually unlimited.  In addition to symmetrical upload and download speeds, almost no signal loss or latency, and incredible video-streaming capability.  Our fiber can handle all the internet, video, voice and data for Giddings homes and businesses – and still have plenty of capacity left for full home automation, telemedicine, telecommuting, and all of the life-changing applications that are just now being created.”

ZochNet shares the vision with the town to improve the speed, efficiency and reliability of Giddings’ communications infrastructure,” explained Tonya Britton, Director of the Economic Development Corporation, “This will create economic development leading to job creation and growth as well as contributing to the quality of life of the residences of Giddings.  The opportunities for local businesses and the advanced technology has raised the bar, and now the infrastructure to keep local businesses and attract new business.” 

The construction buildout will take up to two years to complete the entire town, which entails stringing over 31 miles of fiber to reach all businesses and homes at an estimated cost of approximately $600,000.   ZochNet intends on working closely with the EDC to reach those areas of town on the far outskirts, such as the KaeMark property.   On a large complex such as theirs, they required fiber connectivity to connect each of their buildings and yet are currently receiving their internet bandwidth via Fixed Wireless, it will take more time to reach their location, but is being planned to happen in 2019.  

“ZochNet is always exploring the opportunity to bring better internet to communities hungry for an alternative to their current provider.” said Roger Turner, CFO.   “With ZochNet’s leading residential and business offerings and our exceptional customer service, our mission is to provide better internet at the best possible value.”

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