Empowering Local Businesses of Giddings, Texas: The Hidden Benefits of Shopping Local

Empowering Local Businesses of Giddings, Texas: The Hidden Benefits of Shopping Local Main Photo

14 Dec 2023

Supporting small businesses and local shopping can help stimulate an area’s economy, provide residents with increased options, and unite the community. In Giddings, Texas, support for local companies is taken seriously. Here, residents rely on each other for support and help each other out in good times and bad.

Recent research from Civic Economics demonstrates how important it is to support your local businesses. For every $100 spent at a locally-owned retailer, $53 remains in the community. Compare that to the same $100 spent at a non-locally owned retailer, where only $13 remains in the local economy. For locally owned restaurants, it’s $64, compared to $30 for non-locally owned restaurants.

Top Reasons to Shop Locally in Giddings, Texas

There is a common misconception that small businesses are the underdogs when you compare them to big box conglomerates or multi-billion dollar companies. It’s undeniable that those large-scale companies offer benefits to their workers and the communities they operate in. However, spending money at local businesses means more money stays in your community.

Stimulate Your Local Economy

By deciding to shop locally, you play an active role in the growth of your community. For many people, there is a compulsion to shop at large chain stores because they believe that they offer the best deals. However, you might be surprised at the cost-effective pricing and range of choices available at your local shops. These shop owners are interested in helping you find what you need and keep their business in mind for future purchases you might make.

Additionally, the sales tax revenue from purchases at local businesses goes toward supporting vital services such as police and fire protection, street repairs, and trash collection. The money is reinvested in the city for the benefit of its residents. Communities won’t reap any benefits by spending cash at a large box chain outside their local shops.

Job Creation

Local businesses are significant employers within communities. According to the U.S.Small Business Administration, 99% of small businesses employ 61.7 million, totaling 46.4% of private sector employees. Supporting these entrepreneurs and businesses helps sustain existing jobs and contribute to the creation of new employment opportunities.

Unique Products and Services

Your local business typically offers unique, handmade, or specialty products that may not be available in other larger chain stores. While these big box stores may offer a larger selection, the quality may not be as good as buying from a local business owner with years of experience crafting those items.

Personalized Service and Community Engagement

Local businesses rely on their community and shoppers to stay in business and grow. Therefore, these owners tend to focus on creating customer relationships, which can lead to a more personalized shopping experience. As part of the city, the owners may sponsor local events, contribute to community projects, and foster a sense of belonging among residents.

Preservation of Local Character

Each city, town, or village has its own character that defines the area, draws people in, and keeps people there. Local businesses are an essential piece of that equation. Shopping locally helps maintain the unique character and charms of a community. It prevents the homogenization that can occur when large chain stores dominate the retail landscape.

Giddings Economic Development Corporation

Do you know why businesses and families are choosing Giddings? Here’s a hint: Giddings offers the quality of life you want at a price that’s easier on the wallet. The flourishing city is ideally located between Houston and Austin, with access to advanced fiber-optic telecommunication networks, a skilled workforce, major transportation options, abundant groundwater, an Opportunity Zone, and several excellent properties for sale or lease.