Innovative Manufacturing in Giddings, Texas, Creates Innovative Products of Tomorrow

Innovative Manufacturing in Giddings, Texas, Creates Innovative Products of Tomorrow Main Photo

27 Oct 2023


The Giddings Economic Development Corporation is celebrating manufacturers as part of Manufacturing Month. Giddings, Texas, is home to manufacturing companies producing goods using the latest technologies and raw materials. Join us by appreciating the many small and large manufacturers providing jobs and improving local economies.

In the past, many manufacturing jobs have had a stigma of completing monotonous tasks in dirty, dark, and, sometimes, dangerous environments. But modern manufacturing in 2023 is breaking through those perceptions. The resurgence of American manufacturing is helping increase the appeal and value that manufacturers bring to the growth of communities.

Giddings, Texas, has Numerous Benefits for Manufacturing Companies.

Giddings, Texas, offers several advantages to national and global manufacturing companies. These companies benefit from direct access to highways 290 and 77, allowing them to easily transport products to major metropolitan areas like Austin and Houston within a two-hour drive.

In Giddings, Texas, you can take advantage of affordable commercial real estate options and reach over 10 million potential customers within a two-hour radius. Operating in Giddings allows you to keep costs low and maximize your profits.

Robust transportation access in Giddings, Texas, allows businesses to receive raw materials and ship finished products quickly and efficiently to and from major markets throughout the country.

Texas has spent billions of dollars on robust infrastructure and highway systems. Manufacturing businesses can access two international airports within 90 minutes. The Austin Bergstrom International Airport is just 50 miles away, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is 90 minutes away, and the William P. Hobby Airport is 15 minutes further away.

These airports, combined with easy access to the Port of Houston and the Austin Western Railroad with connections to Union Pacific, provide businesses with a centralized location that can reach every corner of the world.

Texas is a State for Manufacturing Growth 

Manufacturing’s importance in Giddings and throughout Texas comes from its stability and growth, ultimately creating jobs and economic opportunities for local communities. Manufacturing contributes over $269 billion to the Gross State Product annually, according to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). Other significant data includes:

  • $309.6 billion in exported manufacturing goods.
  • Over 20,000 Texas manufacturers employ 955,700 people
  • Average annual compensation of $76,517

Manufacturing Businesses are Growing in Giddings, Texas 

Manufacturing Month is an opportunity to highlight the reality of modern manufacturing careers to your future workforce and those who can assist your development. Giddings Economic Development Corporation understands the vital importance manufacturing has in Giddings, Texas. Contact us today to learn more about manufacturing opportunities!

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