Governor Abbott Announces Historic $240 Million For Texas Seaports

29 Sep 2023


Governor Greg Abbott announced that the Texas Transportation Commission has approved a historic $240 million in funding for Texas ports to help increase trade, improve safety, and provide a more robust supply chain for our state and the nation. Signed into law by the Governor this year as the first funding of its kind in Texas, the Commission approved $200 million for port development and infrastructure projects through the Maritime Infrastructure Program, in addition to $40 million for state highway and other public transportation roadway projects through the Seaport Connectivity Program.

“Texas ports play a critical role in our state’s booming economy, helping Texas continue to drive America’s economy and remain a hub for international trade,” said Governor Abbott. “I thank the Texas Legislature for bringing this legislation to my desk and the Texas Transportation Commission for approving this crucial funding to ensure Texas has the infrastructure needed to support America’s supply chain and promote continued economic growth and activity. This historic investment will not only bolster Texas’ ports infrastructure, it will help build a brighter economic future for all Texans.”

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