The Affordable Giddings, Texas Real Estate Market Is On Display During National Homeownership Month

The Affordable Giddings, Texas Real Estate Market Is On Display During National Homeownership Month Main Photo

21 Jun 2023


Giddings, Texas, is a hidden gem strategically located within reach of all major Texas markets. During National Homeownership Month, Giddings Economic Development Corp highlights the affordability in their real estate market. 

Despite the sharp rise in mortgage rates over the past year, the Giddings, Texas, real estate market remains strong. The median house price in the US is $388,800. In contrast, Giddings, Texas, is $250,000 — 34% lower than the national median price. 

The Giddings Economic Development Corporation (GEDC) continues to take steps to make homeownership a reality for people looking to start the next chapter of their lives. Learn more about why homeownership matters and home you can become a homeowner too. 

Why Homeownership Matters

Homeownership continues to be the cornerstone of the American Dream for families, retirees, and young professionals. With homeownership comes a sense of pride, financial stability, and equity. Many homeowners benefit from tax deductions and affordable monthly mortgage payments that can be lower than the average rent. 

Home buying has long been considered one of the best and most reliable long-term investments because home values tend to rise over the long haul. In addition to the personal benefits, homeownership plays a crucial role in creating prosperous and thriving communities. 

Homeownership grows the community tax base, reducing the individual’s tax burden. Research shows that higher homeownership percentages directly correlate with lower crime rates. Also, homeowners tend to volunteer more, buy more goods and services from local business owners, support local educational systems, and benefit the economy more. 

Homeowners are even more likely to be involved in local civic engagements and elections. According to NAR calculations, an additional benefit of homeownership for the community is that every two home sales support one new job.

Giddings Economic Development Corporation Supports Homeownership

Buying in Giddings, Texas, provides families access to fantastic parks, an excellent school system, more than 45 restaurants, healthcare facilities, and retail. Access to entertainment venues such as the International Festival Hill Institute, a world-class performing arts center, the Round Top Antiques Weekend, Cottonbowl Speedway, Lake Somerville State Park and Trailway, and Bluebell Creamery are within a half-hour’s drive. 

GEDC offers abundant resources for potential home buyers. We can help you make the most informed choice on how, where, and when to buy. Our website provides the following:

  • An easy-to-navigate housing opportunities section.
  • Information about what makes our community unique.
  • The best realtor and lender connections.
  • Homeowner education resources.

Choose Homeownership

Homeownership is regarded as one of the best ways to build wealth. Home prices continue to rise, resulting in a higher resale value. While mortgage rates have increased in the past year, Giddings, Texas, continues to provide prospective buyers with affordable options for homeownership. 

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National Homeownership Month is the perfect time to explore purchasing a home. Do you know why businesses and the creative class are choosing Giddings? Here’s a hint: Giddings offers the quality of life you want at a price that’s easier on the wallet. The bucolic city is ideally located between Houston and Austin, with access to advanced fiber-optic telecommunication networks, a skilled workforce, major transportation options, abundant groundwater, an Opportunity Zone, and several excellent properties for sale or lease. 

Find out how the Giddings Economic Development Corporation can help you and your business take advantage of these benefits. Contact us today at (979) 542-2067,, or! Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn!