Giddings, TX, Has a Strong Workforce Available to Businesses!

26 Apr 2021


Businesses in Giddings, TX, have the advantage of being able to choose from our very talented and hard-working workforce! Located in the heart of Texas, just an hour away from Austin, Giddings has a plentiful and diverse labor force to choose from. There are over 100,000 potential workers within a 30-mile radius of Giddings, making it the perfect place for businesses to locate!

Here in Giddings, we also have a wide range of potential workers. We have a high concentration of engineers, chemists, machine operators, and more! Workers in and around Giddings have access to several colleges and universities in the area, making it easier for them to receive the education they want to become successful. Click here to learn more about our workforce here in Giddings, TX, and see why more businesses are choosing to locate here!