Red Cross Opens Local Emergency Shelter

12 Nov 2014

Giddings, TX (Spring/ Summer 2015)  - 

Local Shelters

  • Giddings Middle School, 2335 N. Main St., Giddings, TX
  • Luling Jr. High School, 212 S. Hackberry, Luling, TX

Red Cross Hotline 

Toll Free 877-500-8645.  

Emergency Alert Registration

Register with the Capital Area Council of Governments'  RNS at

Lee County Emergency Mgmt

Delynn Peschke, Emergency Management Coordinator
Tel. (979) 540-2081    

Physical Address: 898 East Richmond, Giddings, Texas 78942


As of June 19, the Southside Community Center in San Marcos is  offering special accommodations for people needing shelter following the Memorial Weekend floods. Families transitioning to the Community Center will be encouraged to provide their FEMA case number when they check in.  The Travis County Expo Center at 7311 Decker Lane shelters large animals only.